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The Road to Higher Education

Reel Works in Schools 2015


by Amanda Martin-Lawrence.
What is the true cost of higher education? Is college worth it? Through interviews with her peers, college students and graduates, and college counselors, BCS student Amanda Martin-Lawrence explores the road to college and the roadblocks her peers face when applying to colleges.
Teaching Artist: Chris O’Falt
BCS Teacher: Molly Gia Foresta
Mentor: Alissa Cherry


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Beautiful Now - Berkeley Carroll

Beautiful Now

By Lucy Capello, Xinyi Liu, Gretchen Meyer, Itiah Pierce, Felix Pilkington & Sabrina Quintanilla
Beautiful Now is an academic piece by students from Berkeley Carroll that explores the ways notions of beauty impact young women.
Teaching Artist: Chris O’Falt
BC Teacher: Ernestine Heldring
Mentors: Sylvia Koopman, Charlotte Eggink, & Alissa Cherry

Reel Works in Schools


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